We know you have a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing a lawn care company to service your property. We’re not interested in “one-upping” other companies or taking business away from them. We just want to earn your business and do all the little things that it takes to keep it, day in and day out.



We consider our business as stewardship. As such, we feel a deep responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality work we’re capable of. Not only is this a blessing to them, but it also ensures we’re doing our part to care for and cultivate our small corner of God’s creation.

Lawncare trucks


Honest, Fair Pricing – We’re not trying to be the cheapest, or the most expensive, but you can always expect us to give you the fairest price we can on your property.
No Hassle Policy – We want your business, but not bad enough to harass you about it. We’ll offer you the best price we can on servicing your property. If the answer is “no”, we’re perfectly fine to leave it at that.
Professionalism – This is a rarity in the lawn care industry, but with us, it’s a must. You want your property to look its best and your lawn care company shouldn’t detract from that image while they’re on the job. Everything we do, from our uniforms to the stripe pattern on your lawn, is meant to project professionalism to you and the community we serve.
Meeting or Exceeding Industry Standards – You can rest assured that we use only the highest quality equipment and practices to service your property. We are licensed and certified for chemical application and continue to engage in education and training to keep abreast of industry standards. And if the industry standard doesn’t measure up, we do it better.
Courteousness – We love our customers, and we’re not just saying that. We enjoy talking with them and hearing about how they and their families are doing. We know we’re just their lawn care company, but to us, they’re more than just customers.